Episode 7


The Catacombs

(January 27th, 2019)

An hour of resting in the foul air of the sewers left the adventurers feeling ill despite their overall recovery. There was considerable debate about whether or not to continue investigating the catacombs beneath the city now or rest and come back later. By the time the party decided to leave, they were attacked by giant spiders.

The battle went extremely badly for the party, partly because they had not gotten a full rest which would have restored some spellcasting abilities. One by one, they succumbed to paralytic poison until only Ranger was left standing, facing off against three of the arachnids, from whose jaws he barely managed to snatch victory.

For another hour, Ranger watched over his paralyzed companions until his torch went out. Upon igniting a new one, he glimpsed a terrible spider-like form lurking nearby which vanished by torchlight. That nearly sent Ranger climbing up the shaft using Zabrina’s Cloak of the Arachnida, but the paralyzed party members were slowly returning to mobility and he waited until they could execute the original plan of sharing the cloak and one-by-one climbing back to the cellar of the Meddus Hotel.

Exhausted, sick and poisoned, the heroes were in no shape to move the iron grate back into place nor clean up after themselves. Scheff went to his room while the party failed to get one night cab after another because of their deplorable condition until they agreed to an extortionate rate. Eventually, near dawn, they made it back to the Dragon’s Pearl and decided to stay up all night until businesses opened and they could visit the bath houses. Meanwhile, Scheff’s sleep was interrupted when Clancy confronted him about the reason why there was a trail of sewage from the open cellar grate to his room. At first he tried to talk his way out of it, but when caught out in a lie, the bard turned invisible with a spell and leapt out the window with his gear, joining his fellows at the Dragon’s Pearl for breakfast.

After getting thoroughly cleaned up, the adventurers set up at another inn, the Gargoyle’s Claw, very similar to the Pearl in its clientele of adventurers and riff-raff. After sleeping all day, they reconvened for dinner and then whiled away the night. The next day, Zabrina went to the University library to see what she could learn about Gazeera’s sewers. Scheff and Raiden joined her to pass the time and Darius tagged along to see if he could find Kamala, but her dorm room had been cleared out that morning. What he learned from Linius, a library scribe and friend of hers, was that she had been killed only a day or two before, most likely by a mysterious warlock who had her under his influence.

As night closed in, the party met to discuss their next move. Apparently, an alternate route into the sewers exists in Flesh Market Square, which is a trading place a short distance from the Meddus Hotel. Slaves are bought and sold here and weekly Torture Festivals are held in which the blood running in the street is funneled into the iron grate at the center of the square. That way, most likely, lies the realm of the Spider-Lord.

Episode 8: Flesh Market Square