Episode 9


In the Realm of the Spider-Lord

(March 3, 2019)

Mere moments after fighting off the ghouls in the stinking sewers, the adventurers found themselves joined by a rogue shimmying down the rope to escape pursuit by a gang of gargoyles in the streets above. Identifying herself as Saria, she said simply that the open sewer grate in Flesh Market Square was her only option of escape. Not long after she explained all this, the rope and grappling hook came tumbling down. Luckily, being a rogue familiar with certain parts of Gazeera’s sewer system, Saria promised them she could guide the party out and so she joined their quest for the Spider-Lord.

Time passed as the adventurers plodded through the slimy sewers with only Zabrina avoiding staining her clothes by walking on the ceiling. Eventually they found their way into a familiar waterway: their first entry point under the Meddus Hotel. As before, flickering torchlights were seen in the distance and the party investigated, but they moved on, beckoning the adventurers deeper.

The waterway, formerly a city street centuries before being built over by the modern metropolis, offered one branching corridor which was above the waterline but choked with webs. Certain they were on the right track, the adventurers forged ahead and soon found that the passage, flanked by bricked-up buildings serving as support structures for the ceiling, opened up into something of an old town square with several stout buildings beneath the vaulted ceiling obscured by spider webs.

Before they could investigate further, the party was attacked from behind by giant spiders. As the party shifted their attention to the rear flank, a Phase Spider attacked Zabrina, who also was struck with an arrow crafted from bone. Atop the tallest of the buildings was a half-spider, half-humanoid – the Spider-Lord!

Spider-Lord taking shots while the party is flanked by Phase Spider and giant spiders

The battle was tough, with the party penetrating into the town square to find a huge statue sculpted in the same hybrid form. Ranger tried rushing the building the Spider-Lord was using as an archery position but got tangled in webs and subsequently riddled with arrows. Rayden was able to change form into a giant spider and scale the building to engage the monster while the party dispatched the other arachnids but he was soon slashed to ribbons by his enemy’s swift sword. Shuni was next to meet the Spider-Lord in hand-to-hand combat which nearly did her in but, with the support of her remaining allies and her half-orc fortitude, she managed to push through her wounds and defeat the monster.

The Spider-Lord mini (my first paint job in over 20 years)

Exhausted, wounded, depleted but victorious, the seven adventurers find themselves in the Realm of the Spider-Lord with their newfound companion Saria as their only hope of getting out.

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