When Hyracanum was created, the first intelligent creatures to emerge were the Dragons. Beings who reflected the powerful combination of nature and magic inherent in the world, they spontaneously manifested before the Gods had finished making simple animals. To tame them, the Gods created beings in their own image: the Elemental Giants (Fire for fire, Stone for earth, Cloud for air and Storm for water). In response, Dragons invented Dragonborn and Kobolds to spread across Hyracanum.

Dragonborn are the oldest Player Character race in Hyracanum. They came into being at the same time as Kobolds, who were created to be their slaves. Both races bear a close resemblance to Dragons, including scales, snout and a tail, though it is more vestigial than prehensile. Also, members of both races hatch from eggs, just like Dragons. As Kobolds will sometimes have wings, so too will one-in-a-hundred Dragonborn, but they must take the Racial Feat: Dragon Wings to be able to use them to fly.

Dragonborn are exceedingly rare in modern-day Hyracanum, but they are known, respected and sometimes a little feared by most people. Many leagues may lie between individual members or small single-family units except in Sagasvale, the First Realm, where civilization dawned with their arrival. There they are the ruling class with royal title forbidden to non-Dragonborn.

The world has come to be dominated by Humans, created by the Gods as a bulwark between Dragons and their spawn versus Giants and the beings they created in their image: Ogres to fight for them and Dwarves to mine for them. There is a special in-born enmity between Dwarves and Dragons which can make relations between Dwarves and Dragonborn problematic.

But it was the young race of Humans who would wrest civilization from both sides, driving Giants and Dragons to the fringes of the world. In kind, Dwarves withdrew into their mountain strongholds and Dragonborn retreated to Sagasvale. Many who did not perished at the coming of Humans.