Alien Visitors from Elfland

Short, slender and pale, Elves are kin to faerie folk. They are anarchic sensualists and enjoy playing practical jokes, leading to a reputation for causing trouble amongst human populations close to the borders of Elfland. A typical Elf is 4 ½ to 5 feet tall, androgynous-looking with dark hair, long ears and huge eyes reminiscent of Anime or Manga characters. NPCs are always Chaotic Good.

  • In the Hyracanum game setting, Elves are considered Fey for rules purposes.
Elves in Hyracanum physically resemble anime characters with very long ears.

Elf society is devoted to play and they never seem to take things seriously. They have no industry beyond simple crafts and know nothing of metalworking (Elven Chainmail does not exist in this game setting). Nearly all Elves are illiterate, but they have excellent recall.

Family is a fluid concept for Elves. They reproduce sexually, unlike most Fey, and the whole tribe looks out for its members with familial concern. Anyone of an older generation may be referred to as “mama” or “papa”. Lifespan is difficult to gauge since time works differently in Elfland, but tales tell of individual Elves visiting Hyracanum several times over the course of centuries.

Elves have no gods. They revere Titania and Oberon, but organized religion is an alien concept to Elves. There are no Elf Clerics or Paladins.

Dark Elves (Drow)

Oberon had a wife before Titania and her name was Lolth. More argumentative and proud than even Titania, Lolth was banished or self-exiled, depending on which story you hear, to the Underdark. There she fostered a new race of Elves, hatching generations of them from eggs in the Demonweb Pits. The few that manage to survive and escape that hellish world go on to wander the Underdark in tribes rarely reaching 50 in number.

The Children of the Spider Queen are rare in the extreme and never venture outside the Underdark, that fabled subterranean realm that connects every part of the world. They are, however, extremely nomadic and never settle down in any one area. Drow have infrequent contact with Underdark civilizations and when they do it is usually only to trade for essentials. They are too Chaotic Evil to fit in with any society.

Drow are incapable of crossing between worlds as their light-dwelling cousins are and are not considered Fey.