When the Gods created Hyracanum and the Dragons spontaneously manifested, they created the Elemental Giants (Fire for fire, Stone for earth, Cloud for air and Storm for water) to tame them. When the Dragons retaliated by making Dragonborn and Kobolds after their own image to spread out and dominate the world, the Giants responded in kind by making Frost and Hill Giants, Cyclopes, Ogres and Dwarves.

The Gods, seeing their world turning into a chaotic mess, decided to make another race of beings in their image to check the conflict and take over instead. Since the Giants had proved to be so willful, the Gods decided that if Humans would not be more obedient, their fragile size would at least make them more easily punished.

And so, about 10,000 years ago, Humans came to Hyracanum to wrest control of the world out of the hands of the Dragons and the Giants and make it more responsible to the will of the Gods. Humans turned out to be dangerously capable of far greater things than they appeared to be and the Gods’ plan worked out: Giants and Dragons were driven to the fringes of the world, as were many of their creations. Dwarves retreated below ground permanently and the proud Dragonborn were reduced to their original lands of lofty Sagasvale.

Adaptability and diversity is the key to how Humans came to be the dominant civilization of Hyracanum, but Evil is as much a part of Humans as Good and many races regard Humans with a wary eye. No other race dabbles in necromancy and black magic like Humans, except perhaps Tieflings.

Humans turned out to be just as willful as Giants, if not more so. There is no denying the existence of the Gods and so there can be no atheists, but the general attitude of Humans toward them is like that of classical Greece: sure, we owe them our existence, but then again, they create our misery for their own amusement. Though they succeeded in ending the reign of Dragons and Giants, many Humans stubbornly refuse to obediently carry out the will of the Gods if they feel it is at odds with their own.

“Vanity is definitely my favourite sin.”

Satan, “Devil’s Advocate”