Part Four

The Druid and the Dragon Egg

March 12, 2022

  • Antonio (Tiefling Hexblade) – Mark
  • Athyra (Tiefling Rogue) – Paul
  • Murky Waters (Lizardfolk Druid) – Ross
  • Zedicus Cypher (Dragonborn Fighter) – Jacquelyn

The party woke late enough to be met by Brother Sibal who told the original Vargouille which they needed to kill was taking roost in the Bell Tower of the castle. Kill it before nightfall and the curse would be lifted from the townsfolk and the party’s sorcerer.

At about that time, a Tiefling walked in carrying a black greatsword. This Antonio was known for fighting against the crusaders from Oropa in the north. Nevertheless, he and Athyra had to overcome the racism of the castle steward to be admitted to the Bell Tower where they killed the last of the Vargouilles.

The adventurers were hailed as heroes and enjoyed the warm reception of the town as their cursed family members slowly regained the natural forms. Venyk returned to normal, too, but the whole ordeal had been too much for him and he chose to leave the party. By sundown, the new Baron arrived to take up residence. The son of the former Baron, Odamar could only offer the party a Letter of Marque as a reward.

Moving on east, when they arrived in the town of Nikril the party learned breaking news of the sack of Tebelik, a major city a hundred miles east of their destination, Revaso. Aided by “magical fire from the east”, the Orc Menace conquered the city in a single day. When the adventurers inquired about where to find Salabima the Druid, they were advised to go north and seek her in the valley of the Taronid River.

Leaving their horses stabled in Nikril, the party made the journey by foot through rugged terrain to the town of Sedel and then upriver to an ancient pyramid devoted to a long-dead Copper Dragon. Once there, they leapt into the open shaft at its top to avoid an attack by Hill Giants. After defeating a Gorgon in the caves below, they found Salabima petrified but a nearby jar of magical ointment returned her to flesh.

Running from the Hill Giant.

The Dragonborn Druid thanked the adventurers and took the egg so she could merge with it and hatch as a Copper Wyrmling whose lair this would be. There was a hidden hoard left over from the previous Dragon and from it Salabima selected magical items to reward each of the adventurers.

Possession of the lair also gave Salabima dominion over the Galeb Duhr, a living boulder who guarded the entrance. Working together with the party, they handily defeated the Hill Giants. Salabima advised them to seek the wisdom of the Sphinx of Baxia so as to defeat the Orc Menace, and to reach the Isle of Cats they would dive into the pyramid’s pool, itself an Aquaportal to the Elemental Plane of Water, and swim to a corresponding pool, in effect a shortcut of only 30 feet rather than 2000 miles.

Part Five: The Isle of Cats