The isolated Kingdom of Calidor was the setting for two campaigns: Portals (2015) and Game of Fates (2016-17).

From the island of Calidor in the middle of Lake Titan, the Overlords of Calidor ruled the lands of the surrounding lakeshore (Dunsany, Talmorda, Spraag, Leiber and Aldair) by suppressing pagan religion and arcane magic. In short, only Clerics and Paladins of the approved religion of the land were permitted to cast spells. Magic items were hoarded by the Overlords.

Of the five duchies, Talmorda had the courage to defy their Calidorian masters and it paid the price. Once a thriving countryside bordering Elfland, it was rendered lifeless by the Overlords and all within its boundaries became the walking dead, unable to leave their land in either flesh or spirit.

The PORTALS campaign was the first time used 5th Edition rules. It consisted of my sister Christine Armstrong, James Lockhart, Chris Paul, Jeremy Hilts, plus Karl and Jen Germyn who left the game after two sessions. It ended after nine sessions.

The GAME of FATES campaign was run for James Lockhart and his children Gavin, Reid and Brynn (ages 8 to 10). It was the first time I ran a D&D game for kids and it lasted eight sessions.