Creator Gods of Hyracanum

The undisputed makers of the world, the Gods of Hyracanum are in the constellations which are visible during the day as well as the night, watching over their world. None of them claims supremacy and they do not have individuated cults. Instead, people pray to whichever God they believe will hear them and act. They are the gods of Halflings as well as Humans.

Every Gods’ power can be channeled through one universal Holy symbol.

The Universal Holy Symbol of the Creator Gods of Hyracanum

The Creator Gods exist primarily in a realm outside of Hyracanum’s firmament. They know all and see all but never get directly involved in the Prime Material Plane, preferring to influence mortals into bringing about change. In extreme cases, however, they might cause natural disasters or invoke powerful beings to act on their behalf, such as Ki-Rin, Genies and Demons.

Smaller, regional gods and deities are almost always the creations of the Creator Gods, intended as subordinate divinities who can manage local populations where they need a more personal touch. Some lands recognize this arrangement and some are devoted only to their local deities, by will or by ignorance.

Hyracanum was invented by the Gods as a testing ground for their conflicting ideas. Each of the Gods is defined by their Alignment and will only grant spells to Clerics and Paladins whose Alignment matches theirs, either in part or completely. Good Gods never grant spells to Evil Clerics, likewise Chaotic Gods do not grant spells to Lawful Clerics and vice-versa.

The Gods and their Domains

  • BERED (NG) – Life, Light, Forge domains
  • HYRA (N) – Life, Nature, Tempest domains
  • KIBELLE (CG) – Life, Light, Trickery domains
  • MATI-MALI (CN) – Life, Tempest, Trickery domains
  • PETHAMOR (N) – Forge, Light, Peace domains
  • TANETAR (CE) – Grave, Tempest, Trickery domains
  • SAMAS (NE) – Grave, Knowledge, Trickery domains
  • MICHIMALTO (N) – Grave, Knowledge, Order domains
  • JENRO (LE) – Grave, Order, Twilight, War domains
  • CELESTIA (LN) – Knowledge, Order, Peace domains
  • DERNETH (N) – Forge, Trickery, Twilight domains
  • LANCORRA (LG) – Forge, Light, Order, War domains