God of the Dwarves

Though created by the Giants, Dwarves reject them in favour of the first Dwarf who cast off the shackles of slavery and led his fellows in revolution against their masters. Once done, Moradin moved on to wander the Underdark for the rest of time and is the object of worship and veneration by all Dwarves.

Moradin is a messianic figure who rewards courage, fortitude and wisdom. Dwarf Clerics and Paladins are virtuous, being the only Dwarves known to eschew wealth and give it all to their temples. Elimination of dwarvenkind’s enemies is Moradin’s preferred form of sacrifice, however.

For Moradin to hear any prayers, the worshipper must be in contact with earth or rock. Officially his Holy symbol is a hammer, but it’s really stone itself that is the conduit and Clerics and Paladins of Moradin usually carry a “prayer stone” in addition to a silver Holy symbol. Because stone is so sacred to Dwarves, even if robbed of all items, merely being in contact with stone qualifies them as using a Holy symbol.

Clerics and Paladins of Moradin are the only ones who do not preach. They know their god is for them alone and there is not a Dwarf who is not devoted to him. Their sole purpose is to root out Evil and other enemies of dwarvenkind.