The First Realm

In the beginning, dragons were the first intelligent beings to emerge from the powerful magic left over from the creation of Hyracanum. The Gods created Giants to fight the dragons, and the dragons created Dragonborn and Kobolds to fight the giants, who in turn created the Dwarves to fight them. The Gods stepped in with the creation of Humans and Halflings developed from a split in the Dwarf line. Elves and Gnomes are alien visitors from Elfland.

Sagasvale is an ancient land high up in the Eastern Central Mountains where civilization first took root with the creation of Dragonborn and Kobolds. Dwarves were created to oppose them and millennia of conflict ensued. The Gods made Humans to act as intermediaries – and as explorers, which they excelled at, spreading out over the disc of Hyracanum over the next 20,000 years. To the world outside of Sagasvale, it is the stuff of creation mythology and fairy tales, but it is a real place.

The land is all rugged mountains surrounding the Great Lake Xanthos, which drains out through the Xanthium River to the sea thousands of miles away. At an altitude of 10 miles, Sagasvale is subject to extreme weather patterns as the heat of the Sun passing overhead greatly warms up what is a high-altitude frigid mountainscape by night. In Sagasvale, one truly does experience all four seasons in one day, from arctic midnight blizzard to baking noonday desert.

Vegetation that grows here is not like anywhere else. Dense scrub-grass covers open ground level enough to sustain it and cactus-trees form the forests that cluster around lakes and rivers.