The Dragon Isles


The Players

  • Dusty: Scheff (half-elf bard)
  • Lotta: Shuni Gryagur (half-orc barbarian)
  • Natasha: Aizza Vimont (half-orc cleric)
  • Paul: Ranger (human ranger)
  • Sarah: Saria (human rogue)
  • Ted: Darius (human wizard)
  • Tyler: Sir Typye (human paladin)
The Adventurers

Last Time…

Episode 30: Sir Typye’s Giant Adventure

August 21, 2020

The S. S. Seal finally returned to Agvazetum from the volcano adventure and as soon as Sir Typye stepped off the skyboat, Pegasus flew down and landed in front of him, insisting that he get on her back. Somehow, the flying steed was back from the dead, though lacking the ability to speak meant she could offer no explanation. As soon as Sir Typye mounted, the duo flew off above the clouds, not even allowing time for the paladin to make his report to King Gyzil.

After camping on a skyland overnight, Pegasus took Sir Typye back to the volcano where she had just died mere days before. Once there, Sir Typye saw chain gangs of dwarves toiling around the cold caldera under the watchful eyes of a Bugbear slave-driver and a Fire Giant. Further scouting revealed an Ogre watching over another solitary dwarf who was stripped and chained.

At the urging of Pegasus, Sir Typye swooped down on the ogre and freed the dwarf by cutting his chains with his magic sword. The warrior grabbed a warhammer from his gear all piled up nearby and lunged into combat. The Fire Giant loosed his Hell Hound upon the rescuer and the bugbear charged in to the fight, but all the dwarf warrior was concerned about was freeing his chained fellows, calling on Sir Typye to break their chains before anything else.

The naked dwarf fought hard and well while the paladin freed the others and soon they were working together to take down the giant who nearly killed Pegasus in the process. Ultimately, dwarf and paladin defeated the coal black colossus and at last introductions could be made.

Durthrim Forkbeard had led his prospecting team to the mountain peak after the volcanism had subsided to gather gems and ores left in the wake of the magma. They were ambushed by bugbears led by Blazgor the Fire Giant which Durthrim cut down to just one before he was captured. About Pegasus, he conjectured that her Chaotic Good nature seems set upon smashing slavery and that she might be a gift from the gods to that purpose. He then insisted that Sir Typye be his guest next time he finds himself in the Ramstal Peaks and the two parted ways.

Campaign History

Zabrina’s Last Adventure

Campaign Timeline


So named because every one of the islands has at least one resident dragon, the Xanthium Sea is where the waters of the aqualith Mount Xanthos of the Central Mountains meet the World Ocean. This region is the seat of Hyracanum’s oldest civilizations with roots going back several thousand years. The Xanthium River is the only river to run across the Equatorial Desert and so it is a trade and travel route between the northern and southern halves of the world. This makes Verupta, situated at the mouth of the Xanthium River, the crossroads between empires and kingdoms.

Port of Verupta
The Port of Verupta

The southern end of the Xanthium Sea washes up against the Plains of Chaos, the site of an ancient battle between sorcerers which has left the landscape scarred by wild magic. This hostile territory keeps the western kingdoms of Vabiria, Gallancia, Pendara and Helmar and the Kingdom of Culs divided from the eastern Empire of Shen-Toa across the sea. There is a great deal of shipping in the waters of the Dragon Isles, almost all of it falling under the various authorities of different dragon cults who demand tributes for their scaly masters and more than a few wars have begun because of these mafia-like, quasi-religious organizations.

The Independent City-State of Verupta

Three hundred years ago, a party of adventurers liberated Verupta from the reigning dragon, Karvazilla the Blue. Instead of making themselves kings, the heroes moved on to other adventures, leaving the city-state to sort itself out. Somehow, the city came under an administrative form of government free of hereditary rulership and largely answering to the multitudes of guilds and trade associations whose activities kept Verupta from ever falling into obscurity.