Episode 22

Paladin and Ranger

  • Ranger (Human Ranger) – Paul
  • Sir Typye (Human Paladin) – Tyler

February 23, 2020

As the adventuring party settled into their new environment, Sir Typye was tasked with slaying a Giant which was preying on the town of Elliopsis. He tapped Ranger to help him out and the duo set off, Sir Typye on Pegasus and Ranger on his horse.

Paladin and Ranger ride forth to adventure

In the cactus-trees of Midvale Forest, Ranger and Sir Typye fought a two-headed Ettin and its Worgs, which they ultimately vanquished. In the Giant’s treasure, they found a large, ancient iron key which Sir Typye believed would be useful in their search for the Shattered Citadel.

Ranger and Sir Typye confront the Ettin

The pair were received as heroes of Elliopsis. This adventure, along with the tales of Scheff which had permeated the countryside, made Sir Typye and Ranger famous and welcome anywhere they went.

Episode 23: The Heroes of Mid-Spring