Episode 23

The Heroes of Mid-Spring

  • Ranger (Human Ranger) – Paul
  • Saria Raven-Star (Human Rogue) – Sarah
  • Scheff (Half-Elf Bard) – Dusty
  • Sir Typye (Human Paladin) – Tyler

February 29, 2020

Day One of the three-day event known as Mid-Spring Festival saw the return of Sir Typye to the City of Agvazetum. He was once again summoned to Elliopsis where Lord Stewrite was plagued by nightmares caused by Nanny Nox the Night Hag. Along with Ranger, Saria and Scheff, he made his way there.

The adventurers watched over Lord Stewrite as he slept and came face-to-face with Nanny Nox when she came to kill the nobleman. The fight was brief, with the Night Hag escaping to the ethereal plane, robbing the party of victory and Lord Stewrite of his soul.

The party interrupts Nanny Nox preying upon Lord Stewrite

The next day, reports of a large panther killing livestock reached the party and they headed up to the ranch in question before the night storm moved in. It was all a trap laid by Nanny Nox whose Displacer Beast and Ogres met the adventurers in combat. They lost the gamble when Sir Typye slew the Hag.

Fighting Nanny Nox and her minions

Sir Typye and Ranger were heroes twice-over in Elliopsis now, with Saria and Scheff joining the growing legend.

Episode 24: Slay the Green Dragon