Children of Two Worlds

Unions between Elves and Humans are rare, but the progeny is almost always raised in the world of the Human parent because Titania and Oberon forbid the presence of non-Fey in their realm and Elves seldom leave Elfland. The Elf parent may or may not feel a strong attachment, but the child cannot remain there.

Because Elves are known to be Good, Half-Elves benefit from the prejudice that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, but in truth their Alignment and class can be anything. They are so rare that there is no “type” by which they may be defined. Fey creatures don’t really have much of an opinion of Half-Elves except as maybe as something of a joke, pitied for falling short of being actual Fey.

Half-Elves tend to be short of stature and slight of build with fine features and large eyes reminiscent of their Fey parentage. That is as far as the resemblance goes, however, as Half-Elves do not retain their parents’ ability to move between worlds.