Round 12

The Players

  • Akram (Elf Rogue) – Mark C.
  • Argual (Half-Elf Clockwork Sorcerer) – Mark M.
  • Rosetta Stone (Human Cleric) – Sarah
  • Villitch Von Velckha (Aasimer Paladin) – Ross


December 9, 2023

The party woke in the watch tower of Merytol’s Abbey to find that Nihl had vanished in the night, as others had before. Trusting that he would return to them in time, they decided to carry on northward, flying high above the bad weather on their magic carpet until, late in the day, they spotted a titanic octahedron suspended in the clouds, looking like two pyramids placed base-to-base.

It was a quarter mile across and looked to be made of metal, with long horizontal slits around the middle. Looking closer, they saw a humanoid figure emerge from one of the vents, flying fast. Moments later, another figure emerged -Meddevin! – accompanied by a four-armed Glabrezu demon. As soon as he was out, he used the Decahedron of the Realms to take him and his demon to some other place, never noticing the party who were only able to see any of this because of their spyglass.

Rosetta steered the carpet over to the first fugitive, offering help. Argual the Clockwork Sorcerer had woken up on a slab in some corner of the colossal octahedron he had left behind. There was also a Dragonborn matching Nihl’s description in suspended animation, but Argual had been too focused on getting out to take much notice, blundering his way to the exit and fleeing. The octahedron, explained Argual, was some sort of interdimensional craft from the Outer Plane of Mechanus, home of the Modrons, Lawful Neutral beings who maintain the invisible machinery that runs existence. They had been abducting people from the world and then re-integrating them for reasons unknown.

The adventurers convinced Argual to guide them into the octahedron to rescue Nihl and they all flew inside on the magic carpet, finding a thundering mechanical cathedral inside that was attended by thousands of Modrons, all of which completely ignored the adventurers. According to Argual, they would continue to do so until the party interfered with their functioning, which they duly avoided.

They found Nihl right where Argual had seen him but doubt crept in about how to free him from stasis and then escape once the Modrons became alerted. It was a long way back to get out. Instead, the adventurers decided to try talking to the Modrons, specifically the pilot Octodrone situated at the top of the gigantic clockwork engine that was the heart of the mothership. It had been attacked by a wizard and two demons who managed to capture the Decadrone that commands all of the Modrons. Without it, the Modrons were paralyzed of purpose until it either returned or was killed. The adventurers promised to find it and asked to have Nihl returned to them, but the Octodrone would take no action of any kind without the authorization of the Decadrone.

The party ultimately left without Nihl, assuming he would be returned to them as each abductee had been before, though with no idea when. At least they knew where he was and where many of they themselves had been.

They set course for Pelifree, intending to find Meddevin and free the Decadrone he and his demon had abducted from the mothership.

Round 13: Pelifree Pays the Price