Round 15

The Party

  • Akram – Elf Rogue (Mark)
  • Nihl – Dragonborn Monk (Kasey)
  • The Dude – Human Fighter (Jake)

Tomb Raiders

March 23, 2024

In the morning, Akram found an Inquisitor waiting for him in the tavern with questions, especially regarding Rosetta, whose faith was under suspicion. She was nowhere to be found, however, along with all of her gear which indicated abduction by Modrons. When the Inquisitor left, he ordered Akram and Nihl to report to the cathedral for further questioning.

Witnessing all of this from across the tavern was a Human Fighter calling himself The Dude. He needed help on an adventure into the abandoned pyramid of Tabo across the ruins of the old city. Sealed a hundred years ago with the fabled Staff of Frost inside, The Dude had come to learn the forgotten magic word that would let them in. That afternoon, after equipping themselves for the mountain trek with Harkin to come, the trio set out.

The quarter-mile of fallen buildings was populated by Ghouls which harried the party all the way to the steps of the pyramid where a Ghost haunted the entrance. After all of the undead were dispatched, The Dude spoke the magic word and they entered the musty darkness.

The Staff of Frost was submerged in a nave guarded by a Water Weird and four Wights which put up a fight against the intruders but were ultimately destroyed. The heroes gained the Staff of Frost and split the remaining treasure before leaving the dark interior of the pyramid for its snow-blanketed exterior.

Round 16: