Round 8

The Party

  • Gilbert Fezziwig (Gnome Artificer) – Mark M.
  • Maran Maraka (Half-Elf Bard) – Mark C.
  • Nihil (Dragonborn Monk) – Kasey
  • Rosetta Stone (Human Cleric) – NPC
  • Zabrina (Tiefling Warlock) – Natasha

To the Skyrealms

June 17, 2023

Come the morning, Maran and Nihil found Villitch had also vanished along with his belongings, including the Decahedron. Unnerved by these disappearances, the pair headed for the university to consult a sage, but Professor Abingdale could shed no light, only that the Decahedron is intrinsically linked to the realms of Hyracanum and cannot leave to any other plane.

Returning to the Friendly Goblin, Maran encountered Meddevin whom the party had crossed in the Inverted World. The wizard informed the bard that he already took the Decahedron when he found it alone in Villitch’s room that morning. Though disappointed that the party had taken it for themselves in the first place, he was impressed enough by their success to offer them a dungeon-delving job.

Not long after Meddevin left, on the promise to return that evening for the party’s answer, Gilbert, Rosetta and Zabrina appeared in the street in front of the Friendly Goblin just as Maran, Nihil and Villitch had the day before, at the exact same hour, with no sense that any time had passed.

Save for Villitch, the party was reunited and took Meddevin up on his offer. The wizard apparently harboured no ill will toward them for the death of his son, Garisul, whom he had disowned for his pursuit of the Black Magic arts that turn men into Orcs. Instead, he wanted them to search a trap-filled dungeon in the Skyrealms for a magical urn.

The next morning, Meddevin teleported the party to his home skyland of Pelifree, miles above Alamayne. There they enjoyed the hospitality extended to friends of the resident wizard, with Maran performing his bard’s tales to enrapt audiences.

After a good night’s rest at Nora’s Charm, the flower-laden tavern and inn, the adventurers set forth on their magic carpet according to Meddevin’s directions. After two more days, they reached the skyland they were looking for, made infamous by the Chimera which roosted there until the heroes drove it away.

Inside the Chimera’s cave they found the entrance to the dungeon at the far side of a long bridge spanning a bottomless chasm. While crossing the expanse, the party had to fight off Shadows and a Banshee, but they made it across alive.

Round 9: In the Dungeon