A Slave Race

Created at the same time as Dragonborn to serve as a slave race, Kobolds worship all Dragons as gods in homage to the ones who made them, not just Bahamut and Tiamat. Kobolds are naturally subservient to Dragonborn.

Kobolds are generally perceived as less intelligent and less capable than most races because of their inherent slave status. This isn’t necessarily true, but they get very little respect from anyone else, least of all Dragonborn. The ever-curious and deeply Neutral Good Gnomes are the only race that seems to approach them as equals, stemming from their similar size (an ironic departure from classic D&D depictions as racial enemies!).

One in ten Kobolds is an Urd with wings who can also fly and these individuals are celebrated by regular Kobolds for more closely resembling their creators, though Dragonborn hate them for this reason and in some lands actively exterminate them.