Chapter 15

An Army of Thugs

  • Feti Granglow (Half-Elf Sorcerer) – Bryan
  • Gloucester (Human Sorcerer) – Miles
  • Juan de los Aguilars (Human Bard) – Jeremy
  • Naliyi (Half-Elf Fighter) – Alexia
  • Raz (Elf Rogue) – Natasha
  • Sargael (Tiefling Wizard) – Talin
  • William Tall-Tale (Halfling Wizard) – Che 
Raz, Sargael, Juan, William, Naliyi, Feti and Gloucester.

February 1, 2020

After thinking they had lost Formosa and Gloucester, the adventurers went back to the Golden Goose with heavy hearts. They were therefor surprised and pleased to see Gloucester return, but saddened to hear about the death of Formosa. 

Gloucester told them about the Sultana Marid and her usurped home atop The Spire, but everyone was at a loss as to how to reach the 5 mile tall summit of that needle of rock. Juan then told them about the recent sightings of a Roc flying from the top of The Spire to the Jazili Mountains a hundred or so miles to the south. It might be possible to hitch a ride on the titanic beast. 

Feti and Raz head for the window as the Army of Thugs attacks!

Although Feti was wary of having crossed Charna Khan and Jackerel and advised leaving immediately, the rest of the party opted for a night’s rest first. They were attacked that night by a massive gang rounded up by Charna Khan and led by the merchant King of Bendajee himself. William, Sargael and poor Feti all met their ends that night while the rest fled the city. 

Feti lies dead in the street with the party trying to escape by rooftop.

Naliyi, however, was captured and Charna Khan set her up with a wizard, Malloj, to hunt down the rest of the party and kill them. When they finally reached the fugitives, Naliyi switched sides and killed Malloj, rejoining the party for their journey to the Jazili Mountains. 

Chapter 16: Flight of the Roc