The Empire of Gold

The Players

  • Brian – Kaamber Beltroth (half-elf rogue)
  • Che – Diega (human fighter)
  • Lotta – Diomedes (human ranger)
  • Natasha – Raz (wood elf rogue)
  • Talin – Ramona Geminov (human wizard)

Last Time…

Chapter Thirty-Two: The Firepeak Range

November 14, 2020

From their vantage point on the moon Mira, the adventurers chose to return to Hyracanum by way of Kamanora, aware of a myth about a phoenix that arises every 600 years. It was thought that the Golden Calendar of Diega’s quest might be found there marking the time until the firebird returns.

Knowing nothing of Hyracanum beyond where they pointed to, the Ki-Rin magically transported the party to the Firepeak Range of Kamanora, a chain of volcanoes that stretches for hundreds of miles, leaving them only fine winter clothing to endure the alpine conditions far above the treeline.

In either direction east or west the backbone of snow-covered rock stretched to a smouldering volcanic peak. In the distance a city of some two dozen towers was spotted on the cusp of one and the adventurers decided to head for it, only to realize as they got closer that the titanic architecture almost certainly indicated Fire Giants.

It was a surprise when the party was attacked by a pair of Remorhaz frost worms under the guidance of a Frost Giant, but they managed to defeat the monsters in a close fight. Amongst the giant’s treasure, Raz found some bones carved with runes that indicated the Bheur Hag Wicked Ursula who dwells on the frosty fringes of Elfland. It seemed likely she would be a force to be reckoned with should the party try to reach the treeline.

Spotting a few airships circling the cyclopean city, the adventurers felt they might be able to hitch a ride there to civilization and they went ahead with their approach. To transmit a sense of notoriety and Evil in order to gain the trust of the Fire Giants, Ramona animated a quartet of zombies to flank the group and at the immense gates they were met by a human, Logrintal, who represented the Fire Giant Lords of Vogradopolis.

A piece of moon rock from Mira was presented as evidence of the party’s claims as to where they had come from and, hours later, Ramona was invited alone to talk to one of the Lords of Vogradopolis. The Fire Giant was not impressed by her flippant responses to his questions and she was escorted out, but something had impressed the giants for Logrintal emerged once more to tell them they were going to be brought inside and that they should offer up generous gifts or be killed and have everything stripped from their corpses.

When the gates opened on an intimidating scene of three Fire Giants and a multitude of men-at-arms, Diega led the gift-giving by presenting a chest of coins and a sword, followed by gifts from each of the others which mostly consisted of moon rocks and other treasure. The moon rock was the key item, however, being of a truly other-worldly quality of bronze with a hint of gold which makes it of great interest to the metal working Fire Giants.

Evidently, the Lords of Vogradopolis were pleased for the adventurers were presented with the chance to earn their way to the upper city where an airship may be found to take them away from here if they hunt down some freed dwarf slaves. They were then commanded to join King Rogmar in another chamber to explain their adventures and earn his respect.


Campaign History



The southeast quarter of Hyracanum is home to some of its most ancient civilizations. Over the past thousand years, the regional powers have been loosely amalgamated as the Empire of Zenobia, so named after the two thousand year-old Gold Dragon who resides atop the Aqualith that dominates the Zenobi Mountains. However, the Empire of Gold is in deep decline and splintering, with many of its independent kingdoms hardly giving the Imperium the recognition and respect it deserves.

Examples of Zenobian adventurers

These days the authority of the Empire has withered to the core that is was founded upon, which is a fellowship of paladins who patrol the realm forever offering aid to those who need it. These Samaritan Knights of Zenobi, though rare in the extreme, are always sterling examples of Lawful Good virtue as befits the Dragon Emperor they represent. They operate out of two citadels: one in the Zenobi Mountains, the other built on a floating skyland that moves around the Empire according to the winds. The Samaritan Knights are able to telepathically communicate with one another during meditation and this network is how the overall security of the Empire is maintained.

The floating fortress of the Samaritan Knights of Zenobi

The lands of Zenobia are many and varied, covering thousands of miles of tropical and sub-tropical countryside and islands. The northern frontier is lost to the Equatorial Desert and its westward reach is blocked by the southern arms of the Central Mountains. The temperate lands to the south have always resisted assimilation.

The Kingdom of Trilliac

Kuth: Isle of the Sorcerer-Kings

The Skyrealms