Chapter 24

The Pocket Plane of Grimanski

April 18, 2020

One by one, the demonic Princess Chasme carried the adventurers into the Vortex of Worlds and deposited them into the planar funnel that would carry them to the Pocket Plane of Grimanski. Konnifer was the first to experience the boundless green fields and slate-gray rainy sky of the microcosmos created by the Arch-Wizard who named it after himself.

The adventurers struck through the thigh-high grass until they spotted a pair of small hills breaking the monotonous horizon, as well as a pair of steel-plated bulls running to engage them. The metal monsters breathed petrifying gas which the adventurers managed to resist, though it claimed Ramona’s chauffeur, Jimmy. Each time one gorgon died, however, another came charging from the hills.

Moving closer to them, the adventurers saw large double-doors placed in one side of each hill, and one of them was open. After a quick peek, they decided to try entering the closed pair once Raz had picked the lock and slipped inside. While watching the fight from the safety of the corridor beyond, Raz noticed amid the grass a scroll tube and the petrified fist of a previous victim turned to stone by the gorgons and shattered to pieces. On the petrified hand as a signet ring later identified as belonging to Tolok.

Konnifer and Yara were the last to get inside and, once the door was shut, the party probed deeper down the corridor. After 30 feet, it opened into a large, steel-walled chamber with water covering the floor and a glittering chandelier hanging from above. A door on the far side stood waiting and as soon as Konnifer moved deeper into the room a voice announced: “The vault of Grimanski is death to thieves, but whosoever proves worthy of my treasure shall have it!” Despite the lure of diamonds in the chandelier, the adventurers passed through the door to the next area.

Beyond the door lay a basic 10 foot square corridor a hundred feet long. At the far end, an ornate door with a lock but no handle stood on the other side of an open pit. Some tar-like black substance seemed to cover the floor of the pit which then moved aggressively when Konnifer used a spell attack to test it. The Black Pudding was fought back into the pit it was climbing out of when Raz tried to pick the lock on the door, setting off a diabolical multi-part trap.

First, the door shot out of its frame on a piston, shoving Raz into the pit, while two ceiling panel slabs of masonry swung down to clap together and crush Konnifer and Yara on the other side of it. At the same time, the floor beneath Ramona and Kaamber gave way to a spiked pit trap and a huge slab of stone came crashing down on Petrika, who was bringing up the rear. Luckily, nobody falling into the pits took any serious damage because they all had magical rings of Feather Falling. 

As the trap’s unseen mechanisms clanked and ratcheted to reset everything, Konnifer flew down into the black pudding pit on her broom and picked up Raz before flying up and scooting through the door as it was resetting back into place, sealing them off from the party. As for them, Kaamber quickly climbed out of the spiked pit while Yara threw a line down to Ramona to do the same before the trapdoor floor reset. The foursome then assembled in the space in front of the ornate door and Kaamber started picking the lock, just as Raz had done. And, just as Raz had done, he triggered the trap which shot the door out and dumped them all in the pit, except for Kaamber who nimbly dodged.

The powerful slam of the door was enough to knock both Yara and Petrika unconscious but Ramona was able to scale the wall of the pit and follow Kaamber through the door as it was resetting into place. Her companions were certainly doomed, for she soon discovered the door could only be triggered from the outside.

There was no going back now, as Ramona joined Kaamber, Raz and Konnifer in a round chamber dominated by a large statue overlooking a heavy treasure chest.

Chapter Twenty-Five: Wizard’s Vault