Chapter 25

Wizard’s Vault

April 25, 2020

Raz, Konnifer, Ramona and Kaamber found themselves in a spherical chamber fifty feet across and bisected by half a floor on the other end of the bridge they stood on. A large, four-armed statue dominated the far side, bearing a manual in each hand and watching over a large chest.

As Raz carefully approached the chest, it revealed itself to be a Mimic and attacked. While the adventurers were fighting it, they were set upon by a Black Pudding coming up from the underside of the bridge. As Konnifer flew by broomstick near the ceiling, she was attacked by a Trapper disguised perfectly as a section of the nondescript stone dome, but she managed to escape its enveloping grapple.

Kaamber and Konnifer face the Mimic

As soon as the Mimic was killed, another was summoned magically to take its place. This was starting to look like an endless combat and the situation grew dire as the adventurers fell one by one until only Ramona was left. She had managed to activate a secret passage behind the statue leading to some sort of black void which she stepped into so as to evade the Black Pudding.  When it followed her in, she ran out and shut the secret door, trapping it.

The Mimic, on the other hand, was unable to climb out of the bowl-like bottom half of the chamber which Ramona had shoved it into moments earlier. She used the opportunity to get her companions back on their feet using healing potions. Rather than kill the Mimic and face another summoned to battle, they wisely left the monster in the pit and took a little time to consider their options.

The four books gathered from the statue were magical manuals and tomes of self-improvement which would boost certain abilities with enough study. The black void archway behind the statue turned out to be a magical portal capable of instantly transporting the user to whatever location they could imagine. The heroes used it to return to the Spire and present the hand of Tolok to Sultana Marid as proof that they had concluded their quest for her and she threw a celebratory feast for them in her Coral Palace.

Raz attempted to broach the subject of compensation for the completion of the quest but was laughed off by Sultana Marid. She informed the adventurers that they were her slaves now and would do her bidding and that the very idea of asking for payment was almost an insult.

The party was charged with a new quest: to steal back a crown and necklace of exquisite coral and gold, gifts from Sultana Marid’s faithful merfolk. They were taken while she was imprisoned and used as wedding gifts for the Sorcerer-Queen of Kuth’s marriage to Raja Efreet, Padishah of the Flames and Grand Pharaoh of Kuth.

Chapter Twenty-Six: Bounty Hunting