Chapter 26

Bounty Hunting

May 9, 2020

The adventurers enjoyed a week of relaxation in the Sultana Marid’s Coral Palace researching the books and manuals they had taken from Grimanski’s vault and which magically boosted their abilities. Then they were off on another mission for the Sultana Marid, who regarded them as useful slaves for going and getting things for her, in this case a set of crown jewels currently in the possession of the Raja Efreet, Grand Pharaoh of Kuth.

One of Tolok’s many transgressions was taking the exquisite crown and necklace made of coral and gold presented to the Sultana by King Tridon of the Merfolk. He gave it to one of the Sorcerer-Kings of Kuth who then passed it on to the Raja Efreet as a wedding gift on the ascension of the Queen Sorceress. The party was tasked with finding a way into the Royal Palace of Azarastad, capital of Kuth, and stealing the crown jewels back. Sultana Marid, noting Raz’s record of slaying dragons, suggested killing a copper dragon in the southern regions so as to win an invitation to the palace and she deposited them in the waters of Lake Pakina to begin their search.

In the city of Pakina, Raz felt a chilly reception to her elven heritage which she later found out was because elves are hunted for sport or slavery across Kuth and she wisely opted to use her Circlet of Seeming to pass for human. At the Running Satyr, the party was approached by Diomedes, a ranger and bounty hunter looking for partners to help him hunt down Sir Robb and the Hood, a paladin and ranger who, along with Halfling rogue Little Don and the cleric Friar Locke, harass tax caravans in the eastern badlands of Wattingham. At 5,000gp per head, the party stood to make 20,000gp and also win favour at Court for killing the outlaw band known as the Jolly Dodgers, so they took the job.

Complications arose when the party got to the town of Menzobritz. Ramona decided to animate some skeletons for her entourage and dressed them in hooded robes to pass for men, but when workers disturbed them hiding in the alley behind the inn, Diomedes leapt into action against her sworn enemy: the undead. Outmatched, and apparently unsupported by these newfound companions, she grudgingly demurred to Ramona’s dominion over the dead.

Diomedes fights Ramona’s skeletons

A long day was spent trying to pick up the trail left by the Jolly Dodgers’ last raid, and as the sun was setting a column of campfire smoke was spotted. Raz, using her invisibility cloak, scouted a gnoll camp ahead with some sort of half-orc leader. The adventurers decided to approach and, as they moved in, they were met by a squad of gnolls with a hyena and an ogre. A fight broke out but the enemy, despite reinforcements, was matched by Ramona’s skeletons well enough for the party to escape.

Raz decided to give the enemy camp another invisible recon but decided to return to the party rather than investigate the occupied tent and the adventurers made camp under the stars a safe distance away from what was left of the gnolls.

Chapter 27: A Change of Heart