Chapter 36

The Sultana’s Gambit

  • Aquarius (Water Genasi Sorcerer) – Jeremy
  • Prince Ceril Binomenel (Fallen Aasimar Hexblade) – Mark
  • Diega (Human Fighter) – Che
  • Kaamber (Half-Elf Rogue) – Bryan
  • Ramona (Human Necromancer) – Talin
Raz, Ramona, Diega, Kaamber, Ceril and Aquarius

May 22, 2021

Jackerel had come at the request of Vladimir Geminov to rescue Ramona and her alone. The Lord of Doors was surprised to see Raz, who had crossed him in Bendajee so long ago. Believing she still had the Ur-Chess set, he was willing to get them all back to Cascaveda in exchange, but she had given it to Sultana Marid and would now need to get it back. 

Allowing a little extra time before returning Ramona to her father, Jackerel arranged for Raz to re-equip herself in Cascaveda and then they would return to the Coral Palace. He also found two more adventurers to go with them: Fallen Aasimar Hexblade and the fugitive Prince Ceril  Binomenel  of  Pulsevyr and Aquarius, a water Genasi Sorcerer and a son of Sultana Marid. 

The party meets Aquarius and Prince Ceril.

The adventurers took Jackerel’s door to The Spire and were met by Sultana’s Mermaids welcoming them home. Sultana Marid was only interested in the crown jewels she was expecting the party to return from Kuth with. They told her a lie about Konnifer waiting for them in Kuth to come back with the Ur-Chess set but the Sultana was not willing to part with it.  

The Spire and the Weeping Isles

When Aquarius challenged her ability as a player, she rose to the occasion and played against Ceril to prove her skill. She lost and, bound by the magic of the game, was forced to grant him a wish, which he used to take possession of the Ur-Chess set. They made a quick exit, but Aquarius decided to stay behind to get to know his mother better. And the Mermaids, too. 

Prince Ceril challenges Sultana Marid to the chess game of his life.

Returning to Cascaveda late at night, the party handed over the Ur-Chess set to Jackerel. The Lord of Doors then took Ramona away, telling her she was late for “the wedding”. Upon realizing she was intended to marry her own father, Ramona quietly asked Raz for help before being led away. 

Chapter 37: The Wedding of the Damned