Chapter 7

Mysterious Island

(August 5, 2019)

After a week of traveling village to village, the adventurers finally reached the ancient and decadent city of Bendajee. There they crossed paths with Sargael, a tiefling wizard and his companion Boralin, a silver dragonborn fighter. The duo sought adventurers to help them track down a large oblong sapphire taken by a wizard to the island of Tendajan, one of the Weeping Isles.

The job was taken and the party stowed their wagon and treasure at the Royal Goyle Inn. The next day they boarded a ship heading south into the waters of Lake Lunessa. Transferring to another ship at Port Tarayad, the adventurers carried on south to the Weeping Isles.

Given their reputation for hauntings, curses and pirates, the Weeping Isles are not a favoured destination and the party had to pay a high price to get there. Furthermore, the ship would only leave them to row themselves ashore since nobody wanted to set foot on haunted Tendajan. Raz, being an elf and unused to water-travel, was first off the skiff and ran for the tree line, but turned back when she saw two large, red, frog-like humanoids.

The two monsters came down the shore to investigate the party and fell to violence with almost no provocation, clawing each party member before breaking off to go on to the next. They were resistant to most types of damage and regenerated rapidly, but the party eventually killed them, at which point they dissolved, betraying their other-worldly nature.

The adventurers, battered, clawed and bitten, decided to take a short rest before searching the island for the wizard thief and his oblong sapphire.

Chapter 8: Monster from the Outer Planes