Chapter 20

Monster Mountain

April 4, 2020

Professor Konnifer took leave of the party to go meet with O’Blessed alone and in secret to make a new deal. The adventurers were to be brought to a remote location so that the Good party members Theren and Mora could be eliminated while Konnifer teleported back to the book emporium with a captive Salbrizaar. After the meeting, the Professor bought a kobold, killed it, re-animated its corpse into contorting the body into a twisted shape and nailed it to a wall as art.

The next day, Salbrizaar went researching spells and Raz got herself a make-over. Kaamber was approached by a sky captain named Dabuke who had heard tales of his adventure against the Cloud Giant Maladros. Dabuke needed adventurers to go on a salvage mission for him and was prepared to pay 20,000 gp for Kaamber and his adventuring crew.

At dawn, the adventuring party boarded the Veiled Rebecca, a sizeable caravel of the sky with a crew of 40 men working round the clock. They sailed a hundred miles east and lay anchor using an immovable rod. The adventurers got into the balloon and descended two miles to the mountaintop where the shipwreck of a skyboat was supposed to be, only there was no sign of any such thing. Worse, the furnace which was meant to heat the balloon and take them up again appeared to be out of fuel and unable to avoid touchdown.

When Theren got out for a look around, he saw a Frost Giant headed their way, while Kaamber spotted a White Dragon bounding over the snow from the opposite direction. Mora, Naliyi and Raz all stepped outside to join a furious battle which nearly cost them their lives. In the end, Naliyi slew the giant and Raz laid the killing blow on the third dragon of her career.

It was only in the aftermath that the adventurers realized Salbrizaar and Konnifer appeared to have vanished, never having entered the combat. Faced with a dire survival situation, Theren took to the sky on his broom and headed for Cascaveda to get help, leaving Kaamber, Mora, Naliyi and Raz alone on the mountaintop to spend the rest of the day cutting up the balloon to use as insulation for the carriage they rode in on, searching the giant’s treasure and dismembering the dragon.

As for Salbrizaar and Konnifer, as soon as the battle began, the Professor used the magic bracelet given her by O’Blessed to teleport her and Salbrizaar to the book emporium. There the wizard faced a fight for his life against multiple O’Blessed boys turning gelatinous as well as an imp, an ooze and an animated rug trying to smother him. He managed to escape but was chased down by Konnifer and the two fought bitterly in the street until Salbrizaar was slain.

Professor Konnifer dragged the body back to O’Blessed’s Book Emporium and gave them Salbrizaar’s brain but asked for the rest of the body in return. She then spent the rest of the day using the remains for an art project. 

Chapter 21: A Party Divided, Part One