Chapter 21

A Party Divided, Part One

  • Professor J Konnifer (Human Cleric) – Miles
  • Theren (Elf Ranger) – Talin
Theren and Konnifer.

April 6, 2020

Theren took to the air on his Broom of Flying back to Cascaveda to get help for Kaamber, Naliyi, Raz and Zyastan, who had little choice but to wait on the mountaintop. He got there about the same time as the pirates who had dropped them there and opted to keep a low profile. 

At first, the Elf tried to get the crew of Black Acacia to help but it was still early morning and shore leave is shore leave. Konnifer lured him to a room at an inn but Theren bolted when he realized it was a trap. 

Theren runs from Konnifer’s trap.

Once Black Acacia was ready to sail, the First Mate tried to lay claim to the vessel in the absence of her captain. Theren blocked them from taking it and they left to find Konnifer, who formed a new plan. 

Theren bars the pirate crew from taking control of Kaamber’s ship.

While Theren was trying to put together a new crew, Konnifer sneaked aboard and ambushed him when he came back. The bitter fight was a close call but came out in Konnifer’s favour. 

Theren and Konnifer duel in the bowels of the Black Acacia.

The Cleric of Death then hired an all-new crew and re-branded herself Captain Professor J Konnifer of the Black Acacia, setting sail eastward to pick up survivors left on the remote mountaintop where the party had been left for dead. 

Chapter 22: A Party Divided, Part Two