Chapter 22

A Party Divided, Part Two

April 7, 2020

On a snowy mountain peak a hundred miles from civilization, Raz, Kaamber, Naliyi and Mora waited patiently for Theren’s return, not knowing how long it might take. They holed up in the balloon carriage with the furnace for warmth, but shortly after midnight a pack of yetis came sniffing around the bodies of the dead giant and dragon. When they tried to get into the carriage, the party fought them off and killed two of them, causing the other two to flee.

The next night, the yetis returned with a massive Abominable Yeti the size of a giant. It smashed the door of the carriage and breathed arctic breath which nearly killed everyone. By the end, Naliyi stood alone against the monster and its last offspring and nearly won but was felled by the massive claws of the monster.

About an hour later, Raz and Kaamber woke to find themselves hanging upside down from the ceiling of the yetis’ cave. The scant moonlight from outside gave the elf and half-elf enough to see each other by, and in the darkness some ways off, they could hear the yetis feasting on their fallen comrades. The two had all their gear with them and, stealthily, they got torches out and used them to melt the ice locking their feet into the ceiling, the monsters never the wiser.

Once free, they ran off into the night, following the trail the yetis had made by dragging them back to their cave. Back at the balloon-carriage, the duo put together a fire in the furnace to beat the frigid cold and then rested. Mercifully, they had no trouble all the next day or night. The day after that, they decided to try heading down the mountain into the trees to avoid the yetis in case they came back and were menaced by a pack of wolves that night instead.

The next day, Raz and Kaamber stuck to the trees to avoid a wandering Frost Giant. Clearly, this was giant country, and the two were ill-equipped for mountain conditions – the cold was literally hurting Raz. There was no way they were walking out of here, so they grudgingly went back to the balloon-carriage to wait for rescue, if it was to come.

Chapter 23: The Vortex of Worlds