The Kingdom of Trilliac

One of several kingdoms whose northern frontier ends at the Equatorial Desert, this fairly unremarkable realm lies nestled between the three Great Lakes of Muto, Lunessa and Shariel and stretches south to the Jallabad Sea. The Zenobi Mountains lie hundreds of miles to the east across the Theocratic Kingdom of Phiam and to the west is the Emirate of Thalizar.

Absallah, the capital of Trilliac

Trilliac is a land of culture and sophistication where any and all races and classes in the Players Handbook are available for play. The land is tropical in climate with a range of grasslands and jungles for terrain. In terms of aesthetics, think of a broad mix of Arab, Indian and East Asian styles.

The calm surface of Trilliac masks a creeping conspiracy of the ancient snake cult and the Yuan-Ti, rumoured to still live in pyramid cities deep in the Equatorial Desert.

Bendajee is the most notable city of northern Trilliac. Situated on the northeastern shore of Lake Lunessa, it is a nexus of trade with goods filtering in from across the Equatorial Desert. Though it is ruled by a duke, many speak of the wealthy Charna Khan as the Merchant King of Bendajee, for his influence is vast.