Chapter 31

To the Moon

August 4, 2020

As soon as the adventurers stepped into the Academy of the Horizon Walkers on the moon Mira, they were attacked by a demonic Vrock. The monster was even able to summon a handful of lesser demons out of the dead bodies strewn about, but was killed before it could set them upon the party. Just as the combat was ending, a warrior woman showed up to help.

Her name was Diega and she claimed to be a mercenary brought here by the Horizon Walkers to defend against an imminent attack which killed everyone, except her. The attack had been led by the Red Knight and a Flind at the head of a host of some fifty gnolls, along with some demons. After the slaughter, the Red Knight went through the door to Kuth with a party of surviving gnolls and the Flind went hunting over the moon’s surface with its demon companions. That was three days ago and she had been eking out a living in hiding from the sentinel demon ever since.

Among the dead bodies there lay a golden sword which only Sir Robb could handle without shocking pain. It was, in fact, the Sword of Mira, an intelligent weapon destined to the defense of the moon they were on. It was meant for the Queen of Mira’s hands and could only be held by a Lawful Good creature.  All of this Sir Robb learned telepathically from the sword and he felt compelled to find a new Queen of Mira to wield it.

As the party investigated the Academy, they discovered great telescopes trained at the overhead domes that provided views of Hyracanum from orbit. From their perspective, they could see the underside of the world but were headed for the horizon, which meant it would be Miraday soon.

Sir Robb, feeling uneasy, asked Diega about the Flind and its demons, asking what they were hunting for. When she said they were hunting the Ki-Rin, a magical being of pure Lawful Good who was also the spirit of Mira, Sir Robb knew they had to stop the hunt and the party was soon heading out onto the lunar surface of bronze rocks and gravel, guided toward the Ki-Rin by the Sword of Mira.

As the hours went by, the party closed in on the enemy, but they also realized that the path of the sun was going to bring it scorchingly close to the moon, almost certainly incinerating them if they remained on the surface. They carried on, keeping a wary eye out for caves, until they came upon the Flind and its last remaining demon, defeating them both.

In a crater nearby, the Ki-Rin was trapped by a Dimensional Shackle, rooting it to the spot. It had been defending itself against the monsters and had eliminated most of them, but being tied down made it vulnerable. Once freed by the party, it opened a passage in the crater’s wall which led to an opulent palace of gold where the Ki-Rin gave them a heroes feast before rewarding them by magically transporting them to anywhere on Hyracanum they wished to be.

It was during this moment of rest and relaxation that Ramona let slip that her father, the most powerful necromancer on Cascaveda, was probably looking for her and that he had ties to Jackerel, which alarmed Raz.

Sir Robb and Diomedes elected to set forth on a quest to find the next Queen of Mira; Sir Robb because of the sword and his alignment to Lawful Good, and Diomedes because of his allegiance to the Horizon Walkers. Raz, Kaamber and Ramona had no interest in giving themselves to a greater cause. Instead, they chose to help Diega on her personal quest to find the Golden Calendar, which was itself carved out of the gold of Mira at the dawn of the world and foretells of its ending.

It sounded like a more profitable avenue of adventure.

Chapter 32: The Firepeak Range