Chapter 9

The Long Arm of the Law

October 27, 2019

It was a long, busy day for the adventurers, converting their wealth into more portable gems and arranging for their wagon to be modified to accept a two-horse yoke. Sargael spent his time in the university library researching spells while Raz hunted down a forgery kit and went to work making a letter in Lord Gazande’s name in order to – she hoped – absolve the party of any repercussions for their suspicious role in his vanishing.

As they sat together after a good meal at the Perfumed Pearl, Raz was showing off her penmanship which amazed Feti when the group was surrounded by a dozen guards, two Knights and a Magistrate. The Magistrate represented Duke Alcibes’ knight Sir Vanson of Omosa, here with four soldiers to arrest Feti, Raz, Rhode, Mernpool and Gloucester. The other eight guards were uniformed to match Sir Jalred of Bendajee, the local authority in arrests and, more importantly to him, seizure of assets.

Sir Jalred appeared to be drunk and was very belligerent toward Boralin, who is known for being an enforcer of Charna Khan. Greed and corruption were writ large on the Knight’s gloating features. Clearly, the party stood to lose everything, even if they would ultimately be judged innocent of Lord Gazande’s demise, and Feti ignited the combat with a Thunderwave spell while Boralin launched himself across the table to tackle Sir Jalred.

The fight was on and looked very bad for the party, outnumbered as they were by nearly 2-to-1. Boralin bore the brunt and was eliminated early but Feti’s staff of healing brought him back while Raz gulped down a potion of fire-breathing to torch as many guards as she could. Sargael barred the door to prevent more guards entering but they started smashing the windows and climbing in, while Rhode and Gloucester got shots in against Sir Jalred, who ultimately went down.

Realizing the situation was hopeless, Sargael made to look for another exit when he was ambushed by the Magistrate, who had produced a scimitar and was attacking with superhuman speed. As soon as Boralin could, he leapt at the Magistrate, but he cast a spell of Suggestion to get the dragonborn to protect him from the other adventurers. Raz came to the rescue and slew the Magistrate before Boralin could be put to ill use.

Sir Vanson, the nobler of the two knights, continued to fight on valiantly, backed up by more guards every second. Feti tried to appeal to his sense of mercy but the damage had been done – by their actions the party had proven themselves to be villains, regardless of what story they could tell about the fallen Lord Gazande. The adventurers ran for the exit faster than Sir Vanson or his men could keep up and, once in the alleyway behind the inn, they used their magical Circlet of Seeming to disguise themselves all as a gang of street beggars easily ignored by the pursuing knight and his retinue.

The adventurers have committed grievous acts against the nobility of the realm. Already suspected of a nefarious role in Lord Gazande’s disappearance (stemming from the fact that they stole treasure from his tower), they have now drawn arms against two knights and killed some twenty guardsmen. 

Chapter 10: Good Versus Evil