Chapter 28

Into the Wild

June 4, 2020

No sooner had the party finished lunch than they were approached by a hugely-built half-orc ranger called Korgrid. He was the same half-orc they had seen with the gnolls they fought some nights before but he did not come to pick a fight. Instead, he proposed joining forces with him on a long mission to kill Sir Robb and The Hood and split the bounty five ways.

The mission would involve killing the Giant of the Pilmer River Canyon and summoning a demon to destroy the Secret Shires, drawing out Sir Robb and the other outlaws. Korgrid had with him a large number of gnolls including a shaman who would do the demon summoning at a shrine beneath the giant’s cave, but they had to kill the giant first and Korgrid felt it was just beyond the ability of his squad.

However, Kaamber was adamant about leaving Kuth behind and when Diomedes informed Raz about Korgrid’s history of elf-hunting, she opted out of helping him with anything. The party instead headed up the Pilmer River guided by Diomedes, aiming for the Ruins of Tamburien.

A few days into the Badlands and the lair of the stone giant lay ahead in a cliff-face above the whitewater rapids. Before Diomedes could make his call to the giant, Raz noticed dead gnolls strewn about. The ranger scouted ahead to the cave and found more dead gnolls and then, inside the cave, the giant, slain, and voices of gnolls within.

After going back for the rest of the party, Diomedes led Kaamber and Raz into the cave while Ramona got to work animating some zombies. Inside, the adventurers came face-to-face with Korgrid again, this time on the offensive along with another gnoll, while the shaman of the monsters was in a chamber 30 feet down, performing a ritual to summon a demon. The villains were thwarted and the party decided to take a rest in the cave of the slain giant.

Chapter 29: Sir Robb