Chapter 34

Evil Versus Good

  • Agariacus (Water Genasi Druid) – Mark 
  • Aspasia (Dwarf Fallen Paladin) – Lotta
  • Diega (Human Fighter) – Che
  • Kaamber Beltroth (Half-Elf Rogue) – Bryan 
  • Raz (Elf Rogue) – Natasha
  • Ramona Geminov (Human Necromancer) – Talin
Kaamber, Raz, Ramona, Diega, Aspasia and Agariacus

April 10, 2021

Beyond the Caves of Doom lay Mushroom Groves, where Agariacus the water Genasi was raised by Myconid. The secretive mushroom men, who could share thoughts with each adventurers, had difficulty trusting the party not to divulge their location to the Fire Giants, especially Aspasia whom they suspected of being Evil. Agariacus  secretly promised to eliminate the Dwarf before they returned, a welcome move though reservations remained about the rest of the party’s ability to keep a secret.   

Agariacus bargains with the Myconid.

On the other side of Mushroom Groves, the Cave of Columns awaited. Ramona placed an Alarm spell on the tunnel to Mushroom Groves and they proceeded to search for the escaped Dwarves. 

Raz scouted ahead invisibly and found a dozen of them, led by a Paladin, a Cleric and a Bard. Among their number were also three Deep Gnomes. As the party made ready to fight, Ramona used her Talisman of Necromancy to raise a band of skeletons and zombies – and paid the price by aging twenty years and turning from Neutral to Evil as the Talisman bonded with her. 

Melee in the Cave of Columns.

The two sides met in battle, during which Aspasia duelled with her nemesis, Sir Legram Ironhide, who could summon an Earth Elemental using his magical war-hammer. The Deep Gnomes knew Agariacus but saw which side he was on and unleashed their pet Xorn into the fight. By the time the melee was over, both sides were depleted and the Dwarf Paladin and Cleric were dead. Outnumbered by the remaining Good guys, Raz and Kaamber fled into the darkness.

Chapter 35: Lost in the Underdark