Chapter 2

Lord of the Manor

  • Sir Gazande (Gold Dragonborn Paladin) – Talin
  • Raz (Elf Rogue) – Natasha 
  • Rhodedendron the Flamboyant (Gnome Bard) – Alexia 
  • Seran (Human Monk) – Jeremy 
  • Zeex (Half-Orc Barbarian) – Bryan
Seran, Raz, Rhodedendron, Sir Gazande and Zeex with their newfound wagon.

May 18, 2019

While the adventurers were celebrated as heroes in Saddoon, two of the children they had rescued had been abducted from the neighboring village of Tazir. The next day, they escorted the children home where they met with the resident ruler, Lord Biram, to tell him about the snake-people gypsies, but, according to him, the caravan had come through Tazir with more than they reported and he hired the adventurers to go with his Ranger, Breen, to look for the rest, presumably hiding in the jungle bordering the village.  

Raz, Rhodedendron, Seran, Sir Gazande and Zeex follow Breen the Ranger.

Their guide led them to a hill whose peak was visible from the tower of Tazir, only it turned out to be a tall step-pyramid overgrown with vegetation. There they were ambushed by the snake people, who Breen turned out to be in league with, but the party vanquished the enemy, including the traitorous Ranger. 

Melee at the base of the pyramid.

Scaling the pyramid, the adventurers found an open top and a vast, dark interior within. Closer inspection revealed several sarcophagi and a floor writhing with snakes, but the party decided to return to Tazir with the heads of the enemy to prove their elimination and come back to investigate further at another time.  

Seran, Raz, Sir Gazande, Rhodedendron and Zeex atop the pyramid.

Sir Gazande alone was permitted an audience with Lord Biram. It was a trap, for Lord Biram turned out to be a Yuan-Ti when he showed his hand which had snakes for fingers. The paladin barely escaped to reunite with his companions outside and strike back. When Lord Biram attempted to flee, Sir Gazande shot him with his crossbow and inflicted an instantly fatal wound. 

Lord Biram Tazir attempts to flee from the party’s wrath.

By the Rites of Succession, when a noble kills another noble, the victor inherits the property of the slain. Sir Gazande, a Gold Dragonborn Paladin of noble birth, was instantly embraced by the people of Tazir as their new ruler.  

Chapter 3: The Land Shark, Part I