Isle of the Sorcerer-Kings

Located in the southern Jallabad Sea, this island is home to five competing kingdoms usually ruled by Chaotic Evil Sorcerers. By some edict of fate, only male Sorcerers may hold the office of King, but every 333 years a Sorcerer-Queen emerges who weds the Raja Efreet, Pharaoh of Kuth, in a ceremony meant to entice him to stay and rule. He always leaves once he tires of his new bride and the island falls back into Chaotic turmoil, usually after only a year. During this period, however, Kuth has supreme power in the Jallabad Sea and the Skyrealms above.

The Five Kingdoms of Kuth

  • Darva
  • Parmura
  • Rakama
  • Sargo Bay
  • Wattingham