Chapter 30


July 7, 2020

The adventurers moved in to help the captured copper dragon by fighting off its oppressors: the gnolls, the ogre and ettin, all led by the Red Knight. As the villains moved to engage the party, the dragon was able to escape the confines of the net just in time to do battle with a red dragon which had been summoned by the Red Knight’s hunting horn.

Raz versus the Red Knight

While the dragons fought in the sky above, the adventurers waged a pitched battle. Even though Raz was using her cloak of invisibility, the Red Knight was somehow able to see her and went after her with full fury. However, Sir Robb had already wounded him enough that Raz was able to slay the villain.

In the interim of the fight, the dragons had disappeared. The end of their duel must have occurred while the party was still fighting, for only the red dragon was seen flying away, presumably back to its lair. It was deduced that the most likely place it would be hiding would be the cave beneath the ruins of Tamburien, the party’s destination.

Sir Robb was certain that now, while the dragon was still wounded from its fight, would be the time to go after it. Wait a day and it would be back to full strength and most likely too strong to defeat. In spite of the party’s own wounds, they agreed and Diomedes led them the rest of the way and into the cave.

The vaulted, stalactite-festooned cave was hot and humid, owing to a slash in the rock from which poured a trickle of magma into the water that covered the floor of the chamber from wall to wall. Diomedes informed his fellows that it was in fact an aquaportal to the Elemental Plane of Water and that there was no bottom to the pool, while the steady stream of magma came from a portal that was equal parts a gateway to the Elemental Planes of Fire and Earth. Above the dragon’s cave was where the Gates of Tamburien would be found, including passages to the Elemental Plane of Air as well as Astral Space.

The Dragon’s Lair

First, however, the dragon needed to be defeated. Once everyone was in the cave, Sir Robb shouted a challenge for the beast to show itself. The party was beset by Steam and Magma Mephits before the dragon reared up out of the hot water and attacked Raz and Kaamber. Sir Robb  ran in to engage and the dragon unleashed its breath weapon but they all survived the blast and managed to overcome the monster, sending it sinking into the limitless depths of the aquaportal. Raz had now defeated four dragons in her career.

The day had been exhausting and the heroes took the opportunity to rest in the vast cave. The next day, they had to find a way up into the chamber above and Diomedes achieved this by using a Misty Step spell and securing a rope at the top end for the rest to climb up. While they were making their way, the ranger was attacked by a Cloaker but the monster was killed when Sir Robb and Raz came to his aid.

With the last monster defeated, the way was open for Sir Robb to carry on his quest: to reach the Academy of the Horizon Walkers, located on the moon Mira. Through the archway that led to Astral Space, there was a path of levitating stepping stones over the twinkling abyss that led to a silver door upon which an engraving of the moon was carved.

Sir Robb said his thanks and told everyone they could carry on whichever way they liked and the party chose to go with him to the moon. Opening the door, they found a scene of slaughter with blood and bodies of other Horizon Walkers strewn about the hall. It looked very much like the Red Knight must have come this way.

Chapter 31: To the Moon